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"I had moved back from Dublin, and was working in a restaurant in Galway," explains Pat.

"I set up a Facebook page with free online plans, and it got popular. But it occurred to me that there are only so many people you can get into a gym or a class, and that I could mimic my programme fairly easily online, with a community aspect.

From a celebrity point of view, former The Only Way Is Essex star turned fitness maven, Lucy Mecklenburgh, has turned her own healthy lifestyle into a business empire.

Her online programme Results With Lucy offers hundreds of workouts, nutritional advice and several different trainers.

"This involves taking a step back and finding a balance that is sustainable, because there's absolutely no point going all in at the start, and then dwindling." In other words, because there's nobody there in real life to push you, it's all on you.

"Have realistic expectations going in, and an understanding of the programme, and realistic goals that can be achieved.Joe's programme is all online, and consists of three cycles, complete with nutrition and exercise advice.The first stage is Shift, and focuses entirely on fat burning.Still, what made him think it was a good idea to go down the online route from a professional point of view?"I kept getting emails constantly from very unhappy people on very unhappy diets and I wanted to create a long-term, enjoyable and sustainable approach to fat loss.

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