Updating stock quotes in excel

The happy news is that you can even use Microsoft Excel to monitor the performance of your investments. Click the cell A1 and go to Data (in the main menu) -- From Web (from the Get External Data group).

You can set up your Excel in such a way that all the details you need for the stocks of your interest can be viewed and updated easily and quickly. You will get a window like this: The website displayed could be different.

This method is useful if you want to get the updated data without you manually refreshing it.

You just need to visit the Excel file in this case whenever you want to monitor the stock prices.

There are a number of financial websites like Yahoo Finance, Forbes etc that you can view to monitor stock prices.

fund page address includes the ticker symbol of the fund: .7. You can use this web query to retrieve data for the ticker symbol you type in a worksheet cell.

To insert a parameter for the ticker symbol, replace the ticker symbol in the URL with “symbol”, “Enter ticker symbol” (see Figure 3, above).8. First, you have to add the Import External Data command to the ribbon or the Quick Access Toolbar. Click the down arrow to the right of the Quick Access toolbar.2. In the Excel Options dialog box, in the Choose commands from drop-down list, choose Commands Not in the Ribbon.4. Type a ticker symbol in a worksheet cell — for example, cell B1 on Sheet 1.2.

You can modify a query to download data based on the ticker symbol you type in a worksheet cell. In the Edit Web Query dialog box, make sure that the tables you want still show green boxes with check marks.3. (It looks like a floppy disk with a worksheet in front of it.)4.

In the Save As dialog box, navigate to the folder you want, type a name for the file in the File Name box, like Fund Quote, and click Save.5.

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