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We don't say that you don't build a new international airport at dholera and at Navi Mumbai.But first give Surat what it deserves and what it is lacking due to the injustice and corruption.

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Central Govt know all this facts and so its delaying the project.14.) Climate Feasibility:- Summer Max.:- 40 Deg Cel, Winter Min:- 20 Deg Cel. 15.) Gujarat & Punjab are the only two states which at present are not having any water or electricity problem. Now it needs their help to be on the top of the world in the field in which it is lacking.Gujarat - Thanks to Narmada & Tapi Surat has acheived all these things on the basis of Surati's spirit and its municipal corporation. PROBLEMS SURAT IS FACING TODAY:- 1.) Lack of International Airport (Hope our this effort gives us that) 2.) Lack of International Cricket Ground (C. Patel Cricket Stadium has been specially made for International Matches. Its the frist ever cricket ground in India without pavillion like South African Cricket Ground.its not ppl not interested in studying i hv seen many ppl had to go either Pune or Bangalore to complete their engineering.....regarding Air connectivity in every city there is some class of people only travel by air and Surat also have that class and for your kind information STV-DEL flights have 70-80% load instead of irregularity and double fare i.e is 6000 rs whereas BOM-DEL is only 3000.....Dominoes was closed because their specialty was non veg whereas in Gujarat 60-70% are veg look Why Pizza HUt is surviving coz they are pure veg.....

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