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And not just his pretty face that swayed me but how he convince me that he is a good actor.

I didn't even know that he is named the "Gesture Man" in his kpop group for he was totally different in the drama except having the prince aura.

YOU ARE THE FIRST MEMBER I LIKED IN THE GROUP then of course i found out that i liked SJ as a whole. You love him from the minute he opens his mouth and he has made this one of the top dramas to watch this viewing season.

On the song A-CHA you all looked like James bond waa i think you can all play that role perfectly. I hope that you will find that special someone in your life someday and start a family. We miss you and can't wait to see more of your dramas. Read he was enlisting after this drama -- I wish him safety throughout his stay in the military and more and more and more roles when he returns.

Also he has perfect mouth positions when singing, a perfect O.

Glamorous challenge Aka extravagant exchange Aka skip beat it's all the same. He has meaning and god will show his favor of him, he already has with the amazing voice he has. I hope to meet him one day, not as some fan girl, Of course I love super junior songs, The way this team works together and have become a family through thins. In the future, I'm the one who will take care of you.Hope i can fast forward his release date in the enlistment. Choi-si-won...are an amazing guy...i like you so I love your did a great job for character reporter Kim.these days I am little bit disappoint about my life.thanks to you I am ready to start with new way...reporter Kim gave me that strength.thank you so much for that and oppa I am gonna think of you everyday You are simply the best in She Was Pretty! So many people wait for your part to come in this drama! Choi Si Won i loved ur character in She Was Pretty! (Glamorous Challenge) and your character in She was pretty were so different. Felt your quirkiness and niceness along with your sharpness..made me see how smart you really were along with the silliness act. Great talent and the looks to go with it...a total package!well anyways hope you are doing good at military see you soon , and you are amazing . PS i love you tweets when Eunhyuk went to military I was sad too he is the second member of SJ that i liked. I'm planning to visit Korea next year, but will probably not run into you since your doing your military service. If you are ever in California I would love to meet you. He is outstanding and I'm sure he will be in high demand.And i love all you guys albums but the best song of all the I liked the most on your latest albums was EVANESCE from the MAMACITA album I love that song. Maybe I'll run into some of the Super Junior members performing at the Coex Mall. i first saw him in "she was pretty", then i checked his other works, picked oh, my lady and finished it. I must confess that personally, I do love Ryeowook's voice.

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