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He would go above and beyond to answer questions or demonstrate the functionalities, even some of my questions were out of the class scope. I definitely will take another class with him and recommend him as a teacher for others. Iyad provided appropriate coaching/support, when I asked for help, so that I was able to follow the presentation at a level I was happy with. He made sure everyone was moving at the same pace and answered all our questions during the training.

From his teaching style you can get a clear indication for his passion on the subject, and that helps convey the subject matter.

Covered a wide range of topics - more than I would have expected in a Software Engineering lecture (such as some details on programming, safety critical systems etc.).

Kristian was very friendly and easy to ask questions to.

Testowanie aplikacji pochłania 30% - 50% czasu i zasobów projektów, a jednak - mimo znaczącego wzrostu świadomości jego znaczenia w ciągu ostatnich 20 lat - wciąż nie jest dostatecznie doceniane.

Jeśli testowanie odpowiada za 30-50% budżetu projektów, czemu na szkolenia z testowania firmy zwykle przeznaczają mniej niż 5% swoich budżetów szkoleniowych?

Wyjaśnieniem jest przekonanie, że testować jako-tako można nawet bez specjalnych umiejętności, tylko posługując się zdrowym rozsądkiem, podczas gdy na przykład programowanie w języku Phyton wymaga choćby minimum fachowej wiedzy.

I liked the good fast pace of the training, and if we were stuck we would then slow down and delve into the subject more before moving on.

I liked the fact that we would follow along on our computers the actions our trainer was performing, then we would verify we had the same/similar results to confirm what we did was correct.

Luke was very knowledgable, patient, and very open to satisfy my curiosity, for example I asked him to generate errors to see how system will response, and etc. Having had no previous exposure to Jenkins, I was a little concerned about my ability to keep up.

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