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On several occasions, contestants have picked up tags in situations where winning the car is impossible, most often by picking up the second one in Round 3 after the first one has been lost to Bankrupt.

Conversely, five contestants have managed to win the car after picking up three tags.

They are still replaced in subsequent rounds if one is picked up, unless the car is won.The original ½ Car Wedges were used for a special Road Trip week in Season 28.Similarly to the ,000 and Million-Dollar Wedges, it had a one-third-sized "Car" space surrounded by one-third-sized red 0 wedges, and a license plate-shaped "car" tag on top.This will only happen if said episode is a Welcome Episode or an Everyone Meets Everyone Premiere.Also becoming increasingly common in Animes is to use a clip montage of the respective episode with the show's main character(s) explaining the plot of the episode.

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