Are gary lightbody and lisa hannigan still dating

Pillai had to literally drag a hungover Lightbody to the studio.Lightbody has filled in for DJ Zane Lowe on his BBC radio show on one occasion during the 2007 takeovers.The band stayed in Glasgow during the recording of the first two albums.Lightbody used to hold a job at the Nice n Sleazy's Bar in Sauchiehall Street.Along with Lightbody, friends Roy Kerr, Tom Simpson, and Anu Pillai also used to DJ there.They mixed up various styles of music as house, rock, and hip hop.How does the saying go; to make yourself vulnerable is to show your strength, and Hannigan certainly does that with this collection of tender brilliance.

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He had few guitar lessons where he learnt the basics of the instrument but did not continue them, as he felt that one should not know any instrument "inside-out". Today, he is not too fond of his earliest songs and thinks they "sucked".They gained a loyal following and socialised together for about two years."What Are You Waiting For" was written before Snow Patrol released Final Straw, during a time when Lightbody was staying over at the band's place for a few days.Today, Lightbody owns a small place in Glasgow and says he will never leave the country behind, though he resides in Belfast.He feels an attachment to the place, as it gave him his first taste of success.

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